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The best plants for your home

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Me and my new Bromeliad plant!

As the daughter of two florists, I had the luxury of growing up in a home with flowers and plants. Every spring I looked forward to the day we put in window boxes filled with vibrant flowers including yellow Daffodils, white and purple Violas and green Helleborus. We had Orchid plants scattered throughout the house and fresh cut flowers in bud vases most Friday nights. Now that I've been working at the flower shop with my parents, I have grown accustomed to having flowers around. Despite that, in my own apartment, I prefer to have plants, mostly because they last for a long time and require minimal upkeep.

My favorite indoor plants include Bromeliad, Snake Plant and Pothos.

Bromeliad is a tropical flowering plant with a hearty green leaf base. It does well in a range of conditions from full light to partial shade. Bromeliad plants require water once a week a

Snake plants are extremely resilient and low maintenance. They do best in indirect sunlight and can withstand exposure to low-full sun.

Pothos plants prefer indirect bright light but can handle low light as well. Pothos plants should be watered once their soil is completely dry. Most Pothos plants should be watered once or twice a week. Pothos plants can grow up to 12" in 6 months depending on how much light they get and are a great option for a hanging planter.

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