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Five Wedding Florals That you Might not be Expecting

A bridal bouquet of seeded eucalyptus, blue thistle, grasses, and green hanging amaranthus. Photo credit: Wilde Scout Photo Co.

In my three decades of experience designing weddings and wedding florals, I have seen many couples shocked by how much decor there is to think about. Most people think a florist will only help them with standard needs like bouquets and centerpieces. Not true! A good florist helps beautify every detail, helping you build a cohesive theme from start to finish.

Here, I've collected five floral details that will make a major impact on your wedding:

1. Surrounding Events

A colorful tabletop arrangement of craspedia, lysimachia, gomphrena, crocosmia, Queen Anne's lace, salvia, and seeded eucalyptus. Photo credit: Wilde Scout Photo Co.

Your wedding isn't just one day. From the bridal shower to the rehearsal dinner to brunch the morning after the ceremony, there are plenty of secondary events you will still want to feel special. Having arrangements prepared for those tables will help each of these more intimate events look beautiful for you and your guests.

2. Dressing Room

This arrangement of white tulips, lysimachia, chamomile, peonies, parrot tulips, hydrangea, and Queen Anne's lace elevates our bride's dressing room. Photo credit: Liesl from Photo Pink.

Many brides don't think about how their dressing room will look - even though the first photo shoot of the day will likely take place while they get ready. An arrangement of flowers in your wedding colors on the vanity or table will bring something bright and in-theme to your morning.

3. Family Members

A boutonniere featuring mini succulents, white thistle, and lysimachia. Photo credit: Liesl from Photo Pink.

It's your day, but members of your family (and family-to-be) will still be clamoring to get involved. Preparing small pieces like a corsage for your new mother-in-law or a boutonniere for your grandfather is an easy way to help them feel included and honored.

4. Bathroom Flowers

This arrangement makes an impact on the eyes and the nose by using hyacinth, spray roses, white freesia, peonies, sweet peas, and lily of the valley flowers. Photo credit: Molinoff Photography.

A well-placed arrangement of fragrant flowers can help keep a busy bathroom fresh through a long night of celebrating. Choose flowers with strong, distinguished scents like hyacinth, gardenia, and lily of the valley for these vases.

5. Take-home Goodies

This small succulent terrarium could suit your wedding table, as well as your guest's table back at home. Photo credit: Liesl from Photo Pink

Send everyone home with an easy-to-care-for plant, like a succulent or a mini African Violet. This sweet memento will grow with your marriage and delight your guests for many months to come. A pot personalized with your wedding date or hashtag will only enhance its uniqueness.

Make sure to leave room in your budget for what matters to you!

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