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Our Philosophy 



Flowers are personal, and we make sure that every arrangement we design reflects your message. Whether you are planning an intimate gathering, a dream wedding, or a corporate event, Flowers By Special Arrangement will create a beautiful custom arrangement that enhances and complements the atmosphere. Our passion for unique, personal, and interesting designs sets us apart. We strive to make your extraordinary vision come to life, because every arrangement should be a special one. 


Our Start


With a background in distribution, a degree in marketing, and a passion for flowers, Shula Wiener knew this was what she wanted to do. Since opening in 1981, Shula and the company have maintained strong 

relationships with local growers as well as exporters in The Netherlands, Ecuador, Israel, and other exotic locations. This has enabled Flowers By Special Arrangement to consistently provide our customers with fresh, unique flowers and plants.


Now over 40 years later, we still provide the same quality service we did then.  Contact us today or browse our arrangement selection to see how Flowers By Special Arrangement can help make your vision come to life.

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